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Gisborne Mission

Don Pearson and Mike Yukich​

Established in 1987 by pastor Gary Stevenson. (The original crew are now in their 50's and 60's).

These days we are having influence across the whole spectrum of the surfing community of Gisborne. This is a significant change from the 80's and 90's when we operated like a youth group, or Christian Surfers 'club'. In that situation, we were reliant on others becoming involved in our organised activities. Whereas currently we are more outward focussed and are involved in many of the various surfing-related social groups in Gisborne. This ranges from young grommets through our involvement in the local Boardriders Club, to the older crew in groups such as the Moananui - a social network of mostly older surfers who enjoy longboarding and being 'lost in the sixties'. Several of us have travelled away to longboarding events in Hawaii and Australia with the Moananui guys.
In recent years we have two regular CS activities running. On Thursday nights a home group of 'Old Salts' have met for spiritual enrichment, coffee, chocolate and prayer. We have some cool stories of answered prayer, including non-Christian friends who we have prayed for being healed of physical ailments. More recently we also started a Surfers Church on Sunday evenings. We also host a lot of surf movie nights, particularly over the summer months. The movie nights are attended by mostly non-Christian folk. Now and then we hit the road for a road-trip to break the monotony of all the great Gissy surf that we get locally.

We also support financially and in prayer some of the overseas CS crew who we have close connections with. We bought a bicycle for pastor Eric from CS Solomon Islands. We have also supported Nancy from CS Taiwan who is wanting to train as a Surfing Chaplain.

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