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A Seasonal Shift Unleashes Epic Surf on the Northeast Coast

As the seasons' winds shifted, anticipation among surfers along the Northeast coast reached its peak. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting, a powerful ground swell combined with favourable offshore conditions graced the shores. It was Wednesday, the 27th of September, a day to remember for many surfers.

The waves on the island were pumping, but it wasn't without a bit of chaos. A couple of boats flipped over, and Jet Skis were parked up on the beach to be safe. Many locals decided to take a day off from work to ride these epic waves.

The waves were near perfect; amidst the excitement, experienced surfers couldn't help but say that this day was almost as good as it gets.

- Island Tubes - 

Front row seats. Photo: McKie 

There's aways a couple that sneak under the pack. Photo: McKie 

The CSALT crew were over there. Most for the first time.  A few Students got there first ever tube and were frothing! Photo: McKie

Jordan Griffin sliding into a nice right hander. Photo: McKie 

Surfer Tayler Hutch. Photo: Mckie  

Surfer Darren Celliers  Locked into a nice one down the beach. Photo: McKie

Surfer Cullum Chuter on the run around. Photo: McKie 


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