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NZ Schools Surfing Champs

NZ Schools Champs 

Raglan Surf Academy put on the Annual NZ Schools Surfing Champs at Manu Bay last week. The Groms scored an empty line up. The weather was a bit hit or miss, but all the Dads were there, armed with their dad-cams, trying to capture every rain-soaked moment. Schools from all around the country came to participate. However, there could only be one winner to take it all out. The top four results from each school were added up to determine who would take the title. It was very close this year, only 100 points separated the top two schools. 

Congratulations to Whangamata Area School for taking it out this year!! It had been 11 years since they had their name on the trophy, until last year. Now they are two time champs. It was very well deserved as they had three people in the finals, with Leia Millar taking it out for the 18/16 girls division.

This years Top five Schools 

  • 1st - Whangamata Area School - 2800 Points

  • 2nd - Tauranga Boys College - 2700 Points 

  • 3rd - New Plymouth Boys High School - 2600 Points 

  • 4th - Mount Maunganui College - 2300 Points 

  • 5th - Takapuna Grammar - 2150 Points 

Who's Gonna take it next year? 

Under 18 Division

The Under 18 Division was a great watch! With under 16 year old Leia Millar smashing it to take out the win for both the under 16 and 18 year old girls! Sponsors for the U18 divisions were Quicksilver and Roxy.

Results from the Roxy U18 Girls Division:

  • 1st - Leia Millar (Whangamata Area School) 

  • 2nd - Sophia Brock ( Mt Maunganui College) 

  • 3rd - Alani Morse (Raglan Area School) 

  • 4th - Skylar McFetridge (New Plymouth Girls High School) 

Results form the Quicksilver U18 Boys Division:

  • 1st - Nate Florence (New Plymouth Boys High School) 

  • 2nd - George Laery (Tauranga Boys College) 

  • 3rd - Zek Wyper (Whangamata Area School) 

  • 4th - Cooper Ashill (Whangarei Boys High School) 

Timing the sets at Jump Rock 

Surfer: Alani Morse 

Surfer: Leia Millar 

Competition event run by the Raglan Surf Academy  

Under 16 Division 

There were a lot of entries for the under 16s division, some quality surfing went down. Sponsoring this division was O'Neill. And thanks to them all finalists walked away with a new wetsuit in hand. 

Results from O'Neill U16 Boys Division:

  • 1st - Sam Frazerhurst ( Takapuna Grammar)

  • 2nd - Tao Mouldey (Tauranga Boys College)

  • 3rd - Ziggy Neely (Mahurangi College) 

  • 4th - Soren Bucka - Christenson ( New Plymouth Boys High School) 

Results from O'Neill U16 Girls Division:

  • 1st - Leia Millar ( (Whangamata Area School) 

  • 2nd - Alani Morse ( Raglan Area School) 

  • 3rd - Chloe Groube (Whangamata Area School) 

Mt Maunganui College supporting their boy Lennox in the under 14 final 

Under 14 Division

There were heaps of young up and coming rippers in this division putting on a show. There were fun conditions for these up and coming groms.

Results from Vissla U14 Boys division:

  • 1st -  Lennox Holdaway ( Homeschool)

  • 2nd - Sol Fritchley ( Mt Maunganui College ) 

  • 3rd - Jaxon Pardoe (Gisborne Intermediate) 

  • 4th - Milo Livingston ( Gisborne Boys High School) 

Results from All About Eve U14 Girls division:

  • 1st - Kyra Wallis (Henderson High School)

  • 2nd - Lola Groube ( Whangamata Area School)

  • 3rd - Indi-Lee Ruddle (Whangarei Girls High School)

  • 4th - Poppy Arkle (St Dominics College) 

Surfer: Lennox Holdaway

Thanks to the Raglan Surf Academy and all the Sponsors for putting on this competition for all the groms, it was a great couple of days!!

Photos and story by Hamish Mckie 


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