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East Coast Swell Run

As winter takes full effect, the North Island is being impacted by Tasman storms, initially causing rough weather for many coastal towns. However, as these storms move eastward, they create large and powerful swells from the East-Northeast to the East-Southeast, traveling down from Northland through to the Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty.

Remember the last swell we had? It brought clean offshore winds, and pumping waves. But this current swell is even bigger! The corners of the Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty are all lighting up with excitement. The buoy readings measured the swell at 2.8 meters high, and the swell period is an impressive 16 seconds.

- Coromandel -

Swell that hits the Coromandel and BOP are often short lived.  But when it's on special spots like this light up. 

Photos: Rennee Lansdowne

- Bay Of Plenty -

- Andy Fuller -

"The night before was still pretty raw but we knew it was gonna be light offshores all night, so we packed our cars the night before, called in sick for work and set our alarms for Dawn. Safe to say it was all worth it"

The one that got away. moments before the after work crowed pulled up 

- Luke Larking -

Snags one off the crowed  

Story by Hamish Mckie 


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